We commit ourselves to prevent ourselves from being used in any form for any criminal purpose.

Anti Money Laundering

Money Laundering is indeed one of the fastest growing and probably one of the major financial crimes in the world today. Cashway Money Transfer is dedicated to prevent and fight against money laundering activities. In this endeavour, we commit ourselves to prevent ourselves from being used in any form for any criminal purpose. We record the details of the person sending and receiving the funds and we deal with only legally registered companies for our network and coordination. We are at all times ready to reveal the necessary documents and facts related to our business and assist the regulators, prosecutors and other Government authorities to stop our money transfer channel from being used for illicit activities. It’s our policy to abide by the applicable laws and acts and not allow our systems to be used for the purpose of money laundering of any form. We hereby also promise to immediately take corrective actions in case of any mishaps or wrong acts of ours and our company believes in transparency in every piece of business that we are associated with.Nepal Government has enacted an Act promulgated for the Prevention of Asset Laundering, known as “Asset (Money) Laundering Prevention Act, 2008.” This act is applicable throughout Nepal and to any individual or corporate body, wherever may be residing, remitting, transferring or sending assets from Nepal to abroad or abroad to Nepal obtained by the act which is an offence under this Act.

Internal Control Arrangements

We carry our day to day and regular statutory audits as prescribed by the rules of Government of Nepal. All legal documents are maintained and updated in all the legal departments of the government. Our internal auditors also carry out a periodic audit to ensure compliance with the existing rules and regulations of Nepal. We have a policy of maintaining the records for a period of 5 years.